BY Break The Floor

What is CODA?

Break The Floor's innovative online system that aims to revolutionize the dance competition experience with a focus on continuing education.

Dear Friends…

CODA is a complimentary addition to your Dance360 account for every routine registered for JUMP, NUVO, 24 Seven or The Dance Awards. We want our dance competitions to offer a REAL educational experience by providing take-away information that will make a difference to your studio and your dancers. We hope you enjoy it.

Anthony Morigerato
Anthony Morigerato
Creator, CODA

Style Specific Score Sheets

Since dance competitions began, all styles of dance have been judged based on the same generic score sheets. No more! With input from some of the best dance educators, we’ve created specific score sheets for each style of dance. For example, ballet routines will now be judged using specific terms for ballet instead of just generic dance terminology.

Video Tutorials

It is time to bridge the gap between competition and education. We are curating over 3500 video tutorials which serve as an educational tool for all studios and dancers at our competitions. If multiple judges select "musicality needs improvement" during a tap routine, CODA will unlock a video tutorial specifically produced to improve musicality in tap. All video tutorials will have the option to be used solely by studio owners or to be easily shared with students.

Data Analytics

CODA will provide users with an in-depth analysis of their studio's routines at each event as well as a compilation of routine results throughout the season. Now studios will be able to see if they have multiple routines receiving similar critiques or compliments from judges, giving studio owners and teachers a comprehensive analysis of their studio’s strengths, areas needing improvement and overall competition experience.

Judge Training

Break The Floor judges will undergo a week of training to learn the CODA system. Judges will take seminars in every single style that will help them fully understand the criteria of judging that performance category. The judges will also have sessions to practice adjudicating past performances to fully understand how to navigate CODA’s new style specific score sheets.